Annual Flower Sale

Our Troop's Spring Flower Sale is our biggest fund raiser. We offer many varieties of flowers in flats, hanging baskets, and pots. We buy the flowers at wholesale, and we sell each for $18.00, which is currently below retail.

You and your Scout receive both Indirect and Direct benefits: Indirect in that we have funds for equipment and for subsidizing trips; direct in that 10% (or more) of your son's dollar total will be applied to his camping fees.

WWe hope every Scout can sell at least 25 flats of flowers.

Delivery is in late April/early May and will be split up over several days. Flowers are large, perishable and non-stackable, so delivery is different from popcorn. If you sell the most in your delivery area, you will get that area’s truckload delivered to your driveway. The Flower Chair will publish the date, time and location for pick-up.


Contact information for the Flower Chair can be found in the first document below.