Cold Weather Gear List

  1. Sleeping Bag
  2. Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner or Extra Blanket (Strongly Suggested)
  3. Sleeping Pad
  4. Boots and Shoes
  5. Water Bottle
  6. Rain Gear
  7. Insulating Top Layer (Winter Jacket and Ski Pants if Available)
  8. Ski type pants or rain pants can be used
  9. Personal Clothing (Shirt, Pants, Under Garments and Headwear)
    1. light weight fleece jacket or sweet shirt (extra layer)
    2. T-Shirt, Synthetic Blend
    3. shirt Long Sleeve, synthetic material is best if available
    4. Long Pants, synthetic material is best if available
    5. (2 pairs) Long Underwear (Base Layer), synthetic material ((1) For sleeping (1) for day activity
    6. Pair hiking boot sock, heavy cushion bottom, should be either constructed of wool or synthetic blend
    7. Pair thin liner socks synthetic material is best if available
    8. heavy Knit cap, or a full face/head cover
    9. winter heavy gloves
  10. Miscellaneous Personal Items
    1. Hand warmer
    2. Mess kit
    3. Light weight Cup
    4. LED head lamp
    5. Personal first aid kit
    6. Personal hygiene items
    7. Scout book